Greensicle Smoothie

Green Fruit Smoothie

Orange-Greensicle Smoothie

Fresh fruit and veggies are feeling good right now.  Like many, after the holidays (the cold weather and the dark skies) I am ready for a cleanse.  Somehow in the last few months, chocolate, baked goods, and salty snacks have become a much more frequent ingredient in my daily consumption than I would prefer.  And my body is definitely expressing its concern.

I am motivated to make a change, and inspired by fellow bloggers on the detox bandwagon, I have been experimenting with smoothies.  Ever since I saw this great recipe on Joy the Baker I have been playing with my own combinations of greens with fruit and juice, greens with fruit and almond milk, etc.  Yesterday I created the Orange-Greensicle Smoothie, which basically tastes like an orange creamsicle without the cream.  It is delicious!

So, as I embark on a weekend cleanse, I share this recipe with you for a quick smoothie treat.  I promise it will not disappoint!


Greensicle SmoothieOrange-Greensicle Smoothie

1 handful chopped raw swiss chard
3/4 c orange juice
1/2 large banana
4 frozen whole strawberries
1/2 c water
1/2 t vanilla extract

Pack the swiss chard into the bottom of a blender and add the orange juice.  Blend starting on a low setting and advancing to the highest setting until the chard is thoroughly chopped.

Turn off blender, add banana, strawberries and vanilla and blend again moving from a low to high setting.

Lastly add in the water and mix one last time.

Pour in a glass and enjoy!


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6 Responses to “Greensicle Smoothie”

  1. Peggy says:

    So this will definitely trick the senses? My mind will definitely not think it’ll taste like a dreamsicle, but indeed it will… I’m quite intrigued and may have to try this soon!

    • buddinglotus says:

      Hi Peggy,
      Let me know what you think. Personally I think it is delicious! I would love to hear how it comes out for you :)


  2. rosie says:

    Sounds delicious. Think I’ll add some kiwis to it too.

  3. I am having trouble wrapping my head around greens in a smoothie, but I have some kale still growing in my garden so I think I have to take the leap and try it!

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